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Happy New Year 2008!!!

Happy New Year 2008!!! to all readers of this blog. I wish you nice next year and some good, fast new car!

Here is surprise: Toronto Ass parade! and Toronto Ass Girls!.

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Argentinian Promoters - TC2000 and Gas Station Girls

Many blog readers already ask their selfs why my blog has name like: Babes & Fast Cars, but you haven't seen any girl for a months! Because of that I decided to post some girls related to Automotive World.
I picked Argentinian Promoters from TC2000 race and Argentinian Gas Station Girls. I would like to pump gas in Argentina!!!! See for yourself why!!!

See the rest here

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Nissan GT-R test track drive

Nissan took reporters out to its test track in Sendai, a small student town a couple of hours north of Tokyo on the Bullet Train. The circuit is only 2.5 miles long, but it crams an amazing number of different corners – fast, slow, off-camber and sweaty-palm kinks – into a short stretch of tarmac. A Nürburgring-lite, if you like.

Reporters were hooked up with Kazutoshi Mizuno, former head of Nissan’s sports car racing programme, who warned us about the intricacies of the Sendai circuit and then lobbed us the GT-R’s keys for ten fast-as-you-dare laps.

One with winged heels! The GT-R is ferociously quick, sucking in the horizon with the kind of pace that makes you radically recalibrate your speed-distance-time triangle. The 3.8-litre bi-turbo engine is a new V6, not related to the fine one used in the 350Z. It’s an amazingly tractable engine, pulling from way down low in the rev band, then energised by the twin IHI turbochargers all the way, uninterrupted, to the 7000rpm redline.
From launch to 62mph takes just 3.6 seconds. Top speed is a supercar-rivalling 193mph. The gearchange is lightning quick and clean, and those big Brembo brakes are quite brilliant. They stop you like a giant hand firmly pulling you backwards to safety. Mizuno says they’re the best brakes on any production car and Japanese homologation tests say the same.

Don't worry, the GT-R has the polished dynamics to use all that power, all that turbo-enhanced performance all the time. Sure, the steering isn’t as sharp or as delicate as a 911’s – the GT-R is 350kg heavier, remember – but it’s linear and the GT-R’s blunt nose instantly changes direction, no questions asked.

It doesn't understeer, it simply hunkers down and goes where you want it. It’s a car that drives square on its feet rather than always on its toes. Less poetic, perhaps, than its European rivals. But, in this case, faster. And so easy to exploit.

It is, says Mizuno, the fastest production car in the world around the Nürburgring – according to Nissan, only the bespoke (and out of production) Porsche Carrera GT can lap the daunting German circuit quicker. That’s real-world pace, irrespective of road or weather conditions.

Oh it’s quick alright – quick enough to make Porsche’s 911 Turbo feel unexciting – but the GT-R’s real appeal is its adaptability. Punt it hard, really hard on a track and the GT-R responds, delivering searing pace, formidable control, a fine and perfectly judged balance and a wonderfully high level of feedback.

But if you want to drive it across town in rush-hour traffic or halfway across a continent, you simply slot into Drive, settle back into the thickly padded and generously bolstered seats, switch the suspension setting to soft and the GT-R is so easy and effortless, you might just as well be in a Maxima. A very brisk Maxima.

And that’s core to the Nissan’s magic appeal – its ability to deliver two distinctly different driving characteristics, where the qualities of one don’t compromise the other.

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Chevrolet reveals two New Corvette models

GM announced today that two 2008 Chevrolet Corvettes will be featured as the official pace cars of the 2008 Indianapolis 500. One will be a Corvette 30th Anniversary Pace Car that features a black exterior with silver graphics that honor the 1978 model. The other, and more exciting one, will be a Corvette Z06 E85 Concept Pace Car that runs on ethanol.

The Corvette Z06 E85 concept pace car is based on the production Z06 and blends its performance with the high-octane ethanol. Looks wise, the Corvette Z06 E85 Concept Pace Car has a unique Gold Rush Green color-shifting paint scheme that changes between hues of green and gold when viewed from different angles and in different light. A checkered flag pattern is also a part of the paint job.

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Mugen tunned Honda's Accord

Right after the 2008 Honda Inspire (in Japan) or also known as Honda Accord elsewhere was released in Japan, Mugen has come up with their version of modified Honda Inspire.

The most significant difference between the JDM Honda Inspire and the Honda Accord that was released in the US is the additional taillight strip at the rear.

The Mugen Honda Inspire consist of, from the images, a sports front grille, front and rear aprons, side skirts, big rear wing, 4-outlet exhaust system and 18-inch 10 spokes alloy wheels.

The sport suspension system and the braking system have also been upgraded.

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Dinan gives the BMW M5 and M6 628 horsepower

For those seeking the ultimate high performance driving experience, Dinan has once again redefined M5 and M6 performance with a bored and stroked 5.7 liter version of BMW’s V-10 engine. The engine produces over 600 horsepower along with stump-pulling torque that exceeds 400 lb-ft from just 3000 rpm right to the rev-limit at 8100 rpm. As incredible as BMW’s V-10 is in stock form, just imagine the acceleration that results from an additional 141 horsepower and 128 lb-ft torque @ 5800 rpm! Equally impressive is the fact that all of this performance is available without sacrificing BMW-like drivability or the peace of mind that comes from matching new car warranty coverage for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles.

Dinan’s 29 years of BMW tuning and racing experience ensure that the engines will not only perform but also provide years of trouble free driving excitement. Much of the technology that has made Dinan’s Grand-Am Daytona Prototype engines both competitive and reliable has carried over to the 5.7 Liter V-10 engine program for the street, ensuring that the engines produce incredible power along with race-proven durability. Each engine is dyno-tested prior to shipment, verifying power output in the same rigorous manner employed for the Daytona Prototype racing engines.

The engine is supplied as an assembled long-block, fully prepared to directly replace the stock engine without modification. High Flow Intake/Air Mass Meter Assemblies are required in order to supply the larger engine with adequate airflow for maximum power gains. Maximum performance is achieved when the engine is equipped with the High Flow Throttle Bodies, Free Flow Mufflers and racing middle exhaust, producing an incredible 628 hp @ 7400 rpm and 482 lb-ft torque @ 6200 rpm. For those seeking ultimate performance from their M5 or M6, without sacrificing civility, reliability or warranty coverage, the Dinan 5.7 Liter V-10 is the definitive solution.

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James May drives the Jaguar XF

James May, the third and least talked about Top Gear guy, had the pleasure of test driving the brand new Jaguar XF. “It goes like a 4-door XK,” says May. He even goes as far as to say that the car is a better value than the BMW 5-Series.

In the U.S. the Jaguar XF will only come in a base 4.2 liter V8 engine that will produce 300 horsepower and a 4.2 liter Supercharged V8 engine that will produce 420 horsepower. Jaguar will offer three trim levels including Luxury, Premium Luxury and Supercharged.

The base 4.2 liter V8 Jaguar XF will go for $49,975 while the Supercharged variant is priced at $62,975.

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Bailey Blade project succeeds

35 year old Neal Bailey is trying something really cool. He wants to create a modern sports car that is inspired from the classic sports car and he has chosen the Shelby Cobra as his source of inspiration. We’re sure this was a really brave decision, because it’s not everyday we see someone trying to create its own sports car and, if the Bailey Blade project succeeds, hats down for Neal. The Bailey Blade is based on a heavily modified chassis from a replica Cobra, tweaked to fit an independent front and rear suspension. Bailey also aims at the Europeans, so the Blade will meet European standards, plus that a right side steering wheel will be available. Neal hopes to have a full working prototype by next summer and he also hopes to make the first sales at the end of 2008. By Autounleashed.

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Audi S5 Test Drive

BMW has long reigned atop the upper echelon of the compact sports coupe market with its high-performance M3. The two-door Audi S5 challenges the M3’s authority with a powerful V8 engine and other assorted upgrades over the A5 model upon which it’s based. That A5 is, in turn, derived from the next generation of the A4 sedan.

Much of the Audi S5’s sleek styling — inspired by the striking Nuvolari Quattro concept coupe that graced the auto show circuit in 2003 — is carried over from the A5, but with a few more aggressive touches. The brand’s signature out sized trapezoidal grille is finished in platinum gray and fitted with chrome inlays. It’s flanked by wide headlamps and larger lower air intakes, with bulging wheel wells, a flowing belt line, and a squared-off rear-end treatment; this last region features a more pronounced rear spoiler than on the A5, with quad exhausts lurking below.

A direct-injection 4.2-liter V8 engine can propel the Audi S5 to 60 miles per hour in around five seconds, which makes it a full second quicker than the V6-powered A5. Buyers can choose between a six-speed manual transmission and a six-speed Tiptronic automatic with manual gear selection. Unfortunately, the automaker’s acclaimed manual/automatic Direct Shift Gearbox is not available on the Audi S5.
The Audi S5’s design places the engine closer to the center of the vehicle than in the S4. In addition to allowing a shorter front overhang, the automaker says this configuration results in better front-to-rear balance and improved driving dynamics. To that end, the Audi S5 rides on a specially tuned sports suspension with 18-inch wheels and performance tires; while this setup maximizes the car’s handling abilities, it does so at the expense of ride comfort.

The coupe’s performance is further enhanced by the automaker’s standard quattro all-wheel-drive system. Here it’s rear-biased on a 40/60 front-to-rear ratio for sportier handling than afforded by the usual 50/50 setup; the system can send additional power front or rear as needed on a continuous basis, both for added foul-weather traction and to maximize the Audi A5’s dry-pavement cornering abilities. The car’s standard stability control system can be deactivated in two stages to allow a varying degree of wheel spin for more aggressive cornering without computer intervention. Beefed-up four-wheel antilock disc brakes come with black-painted calipers.

The Audi S5’s leather-clad interior is handsomely cast with a cockpit-like dashboard design and a choice of wood, carbon, aluminum, or stainless steel trim. It’s distinguished from the A5 by virtue of its gray gauges, aluminum sill plates, and supportive sport seats. Two passengers can ride in the rear, though taller riders will have issues with the diminished headroom that’s a byproduct of the car’s sharply sloping roofline. Front, front-side, and side-curtain airbags that cover both rows of seats are standard on the Audi S5.

The latest version of the automaker’s MultiMedia Interface, which uses a joystick-like knob and LCD display to control the audio, climate control, and optional satellite navigation systems, is included on the Audi S5. It’s not as confounding as BMW’s widely vilified iDrive system, but it’s still more complex to operate than a conventional array of buttons and knobs.

The Audi S5 includes adaptive high-intensity headlamps and a 14-speaker premium audio system from Danish hi-fi specialist Bang & Olufsen. The S5 includes an Advanced Key keyless entry and starting system that stores vehicle data, such as warning messages from the vehicle’s information center and the car’s current mileage, to make servicing easier.

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